amber jones

Photographer, videographer, storyteller.

Amber Jones

Photographer, videographer, storyteller.

Amber has been given the gift of storytelling and with such an innate passion for the environment (especially the sea) she wants to be telling stories of the companies and brands who have social, environmental and ethical ethos at the forefront of their manufacturing and services to help shift the paradigm towards a more sustainable culture of consumerism and tourism.

She wants the viewer to be transported to the exact location and emotion she was feeling at the time of each photograph and believes that because she has this extremely rare front-row ticket to these ocean moments, feels it as her responsibility to share with the world what she witnesses on a daily basis.

"If people love and value something, they'll do what they can to protect it. And if they can view the ocean the same way I do, then it'll hopefully spark some changes in the way we think."

- 15% of sales of the shark prints go toward Sustainable Ocean Society to help with the research and conservation efforts of the Blue Sharks & Makos in NZ.